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All people, through the unconscious activities of their daily lives, develop a conscious awareness of various colors, sounds, smells, and tastes. 

Sensations that make very strong impressions remain indefinitely at the back of one’s mind, and subtle sensations are revived the instant that something beautiful is looked upon. 

For example, “a nostalgic smell,” “a breeze heard in silence,” “a chill felt while floating on a sea wave,”… I hope that my photos will revive such sensations in those who look upon them, for I believe that these feelings will provide a sense of healing.

The theme of my work “LINO MAKANI” (Bright Breeze) is an expression of the “lights” “winds” and “colors” that touch my heart when looking at the sea, sky and plants of Hawaii. Common postcards do not truly reflect Hawaii. Hawaii possesses a much deeper beauty. 

For this reason, I desire to continue in my quest to take photographs that search for this deeper beauty.

Motomu Takayama        

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